Yoga for Your Beach Body

Yoga for Your Beach Body
With spring break right around the corner, you’re probably looking for ways to achieve the lean body you have been wanting. Instead of vigorous gym sessions, try getting toned with yoga.

Combining rapid, flowing movements with integral stretching, yoga can get you to your fitness goals all while giving you peace of mind.

Ab Moves

Tree Pose: This move depends solely on your control of your stabilization. Keeping one foot grounded onto the floor, you will lift your other leg bending it at the knee and resting your foot on your opposite leg. Bringing your hands together and keeping your posture straight, hold Tree Pose while breathing deeply. Keeping your abdominals tight, you can alternate legs as you see fit.

Warrior Lunge Twist: (Warrior 1 variation) Hitting your abs and your obliques, this is a great move that brings a modification to the common Warrior Pose. Keeping your hands in Prayer Pose, you will lunge down and twist to one side holding the position. Alternate legs as you continue to twist from side to side.

Leg Moves

Locust: Laying on your stomach, hold your arms at your side and elevate your legs from the mat as you hold them close together. At the same time, you will also lift you head completely off the mat looking up. Relax your shoulders while you hold this pose. It will not only be a great targeted yoga pose for you thighs, but it will also target your abdominals.

Half Pigeon Pose: Bending one knee out in front of you, bring your other leg straight behind you. Imitating a low lunge position, keep your bended leg flat on the mat while your leg is extended outward resting your hands on the floor. Keep your chin and chest high as you breath deeper into the stretch.

Arm Moves

Crow Pose: This is a challenging move with great rewards! Achieved in perfect balance, Crow Pose can help offer to strengthen overall stabilization while focusing mainly on the strength of your arms. Squatting down with your feet apart, bring your hands down to the mat and rest them there. Bending at the elbows, you will slowly bring each knee over your elbow and slowly shift your bodyweight forward. As you rise off the mat, be sure to have your knees fully stabilized by your arms as you hold the pose suspended; fully supported by the strength of your arms.

Plank Pose: Keeping your body completely parallel with the floor, the entire weight of your body will rest reliantly on the strength of your core, and arms. With your arms fully extended, you can hold at a high plank for as long as you can comfortably do so. This is an easy level 1 move that can help you achieve overall strength, while toning your arms and abdominals.

As you continue in your yoga practice, you will find yourself greatly improving with each pose. No matter what your fitness goal may be, yoga is a suitable workout for anyone who is trying to increase flexibility, tone muscle, lose weight, or relieve stress. It is an all in one practice that can help get you closer to your goal quickly and efficiently.