Can Yoga Improve My Sex Life?

Can Yoga Improve My Sex Life?
When people consider the positive impact yoga may have on their sex lives, they usually don’t consider more than the fact that yoga “makes you flexible.” However, there are many different ways that yoga may enhance, invigorate and improve your sex life.

How Exactly Can Yoga Improve My Sex Life?

While yoga does create more flexibility in the body, the real changes you’ll encounter have to do with the mind. Remember that yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but a way to bring balance to the mind and body. One of the key aspects of yoga is that it allows us to become more self-aware of our bodies, giving us more control and understanding of our anatomy and movements. If this knowledge benefits us in everyday life, then why would it not branch out to the sexual aspects as well? Considering sex is another example of mental and physical balance, it seems only natural that the benefits of yoga would apply. The self-awareness that yoga provides may help relieve insecurity in some, or it may just help you open up your body and mind. Also, especially in the cases of the many styles of yoga that are not necessarily “high energy” exercises, yoga can teach us to slow down and focus on ourselves and our partners. By applying the same theory to your sex life as you do with your yoga exercises, you may find yourself looking forward to the experience itself as opposed to the “end game.”

There are several asanas that are well-suited to opening up the body and mind sexually, such as the Wide-Legged Straddle and other poses that focus heavily on the groin muscles. These positions improve blood-flow to the pelvic region, increasing energy and vitality (both key ingredients for a healthy sex life). Positions like the Shoulder Stand will improve overall blood flow and circulation, decreasing fatigue, anxiety and digestion problems, all of which are common factors that may interfere with your physical and romantic needs. Studies have shown the direct link between blood circulation and sexual arousal, so yoga may well benefit the sex lives of most practicing yogis without them realizing or even trying!


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