What to Wear to Yoga

What to Wear to Yoga
There are many great brands of clothes out there that make clothes specifically for yogis: yoga pants, yoga shorts, no-slip yoga socks — and they come in countless styles and colors to choose from. However, there are plenty of options for clothing you may already have that are suitable to wear for yoga.

Finding What to Wear To Yoga

First off, the clothes you choose should be lightweight and non-constricting: so no sweaters, leather, jeans or most articles of clothing with a button or zipper. The clothes shouldn’t be skin-tight, but they also shouldn’t be too loose as the extra fabric can get in the way of your movements. You want the clothes to be slightly form-fitting so that you or a partner can easily see your muscle and spinal alignment, but not so tight that you feel the fabric pulling on your skin when you really stretch out your body.

What to Consider When Choosing Yoga Clothes

You may also want to consider type of fabric; cotton absorbs sweat which will help keep you feeling dry at first, but if you produce a lot of sweat or are doing a particularly rigorous exercise you may find your shirt a little more moistened than you’d like. There are fast-drying clothes that are specifically designed for athletes, so if you feel that perspiration is an issue for you there are options for that as well.
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