What Not to Wear for Yoga

What Not to Wear for Yoga

Proper Yoga Clothing = Comfort + Freedom

When preparing for your daily yoga practice, you always want to be as free in your movements and as comfortable as possible. Make sure you remove all jewelry and accessories before doing yoga, as they can cause pain, irritation or simply just get in the way. Also, if performing at a school or studio, be mindful and respectful of the other yogis present; many people practice yoga for spiritual as well as physical reasons, so wearing street clothes or dressing inappropriately can distract or make others uncomfortable. While yoga is a great way to connect with your inner-self, this does not imply that you should only be observant of your own personal space. To promote harmony in yourself and in others, always dress in a manner that will make you and your fellow yoga practitioners the most comfortable during your session. Being comfortable in your clothing will make your yoga experience far easier and more enjoyable, so try not to dwell too much on appearance or standards!

*Photo courtesy of Tara Stiles. www.tarastiles.com/


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