Does Yoga Get Easier?

Does Yoga Get Easier?
The beauty of yoga is that it can be catered to each person; we have to be conscious of our bodies and the asanas we perform, and self-awareness is one of the roots of yoga that dates back to its creation around 3000 BCE. With that said, it’s impossible to answer when yoga will become easier for any one individual, but it can be said that it does get easier!

Don’t worry, there’s hope!

I know, it happens to all of us: you see a yoga tutorial, and the movements look so relaxing and fluid and beautiful. You jump up to perform it and quickly realize your body doesn’t bend that way! Don’t let that discourage you, because even after a few days of yoga you’ll notice an increase in flexibility, which is the key to becoming more comfortable and skilled in yoga (after your muscles have recovered, of course). Don’t avoid doing yoga when your muscles are achey, however; the stretching can be very soothing and strengthening for sore muscles as long as you don’t push yourself too far.


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