Yoga Promotes Healthy Relationships

Yoga Promotes Healthy Relationships
Love makes the world go ‘round. We continually forge relationships at home, work, school and cyberspace. It is integral to learn how to communicate with people and to maintain healthy relationships. Human beings are social creatures, and communication is a fundamental part of our everyday existence. A well-balanced social life mixed together with a healthy diet and yoga may be the answer to your seasonal blues.

How Can Yoga Promote My Relationships?

“Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness,” said Indra Devi, a widely renowned yoga teacher. Practicing yoga is as important to the body as it is the mind. It teaches us to live in the present so that we may lead a better future. With each practice, you become more mindful and are taught to be grateful, patient and kind. Learning to breathe through difficult poses allows you to develop inner peace. Yoga is a fusion of spiritual, mental and physical health, which requires self-reflection and commitment. Each time we practice yoga, we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to inhale love and exhale hate.
Remaining positive is crucial to sustaining yoga poses and maintaining healthy relationships. “Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible,” said the venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Staying calm, cool and collected will allow you to overcome self-doubt and perfect your yoga practice. Yoga is the perfect way to de-stress and achieve inner peace without worrying about exterior forces. By extending the same basic premises to our personal lives, we may foster better relationships with one another.
Inner confidence and outer strength can be achieved through your yoga discipline. The key forces to sustaining a healthy relationship are love, optimism and dedication. We must commit to a pose in the same way we commit to a loving relationship, with all of our being. Love comes from within, and yoga teaches us to appreciate, accept and find fulfillment in the outside world. After all, a smile on the inside is a smile on the outside.