Curb Cravings with Yoga

Curb Cravings with Yoga
When it comes to diet and exercise, half the battle is willpower. Despite the fact that it is easy to drive to the grocery store each week and purchase healthy foods, we are continually tempted by choices unforgiving to our waistlines. Birthday cake, pizza, fried foods and sugar-laden beverages are often within arm’s reach, making it difficult, if not impossible, to resist temptation. However, we must remind ourselves that it is ‘mind over matter’ and that ‘we are what we eat’. A great way to stay on track and not succumb to your cravings is yoga. By practicing yoga, you are able to become more focused and less stressed. It teaches the importance of diligence and self-control, making it easier to say ‘no’ to the wrong foods and ‘yes’ to a healthier lifestyle.

Naturally Curb Your Appetite

Buddha once said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” This statement holds much validity. The mind is a powerful force, and yoga imparts great wisdom and mental fortitude. Through the practice of yoga, we become more present and in control of our minds, which has a positive impact on our lifestyle and the dietary decisions we make.
Yoga is a great form of therapy; it has a calming affect on both the mind and body. By making it a part of your weekly routine, you may find your anxiety and stress levels are reduced. Yoga makes us more relaxed, which causes the body to produce less cortisol and in turn, help you curb your cravings.
Not only does yoga help us manage our stress levels, but it also provides other therapeutic benefits. Yoga allows us to adopt a more positive outlook, which inspires us to make sounder decisions. This newfound optimism allows us to stay on track and grant us the willpower to say no to that bag of chips in Aisle 7 or the cookie dough ice cream in the frozen foods section.
Yoga teaches us to become more aware of our bodies and to tune in to our appetites. Are we eating because we are hungry, stressed or bored? This holistic approach teaches us the importance of self-awareness and mind-body control, two very important qualities, which make it easier for us to make the right decisions and to spend a few extra minutes, preparing something raw, organic and healthy.
There is further evidence that yoga and exercise, in general, boosts serotonin levels. Low levels of serotonin can cause us to become depressed, and the more depressed we become, the more we are inclined to give in to our temptations and indulge in junk food and other sugary sweets.
Yoga is a great form of exercise since it teaches us to become more self-aware and present. It allows us to manage our stress levels and exhibit control over our cravings. Its poses and breathing techniques purify the physical body. Yoga, like most forms of exercise, boosts serotonin levels; therefore, we are less inclined to make the wrong dietary decisions and to lead a healthier lifestyle that can profoundly affect our physical and mental wellbeing.