Is Yoga Good For Your Heart?

Is Yoga Good For Your Heart?
Yoga has a great influence on heart health. Lowering blood pressure is often a priority for those suffering from heart disease, or even for those who would like to improve their heart health in general. Cardiovascular exercises are especially helpful in doing this, and certain yoga styles are more cardiovascular than others. Vinyasa, or flow yoga, specifically focuses on a series of repeated movements and poses that works the heart and increases blood flow. This kind of fitness is especially helpful for someone who is transitioning to fitness and would like to have a moderate cardiovascular exercise. Doing this kind of yoga twice a week can improve blood pressure when accompanied with a diet plan.

Another benefit that yoga has on the heart is the stress reduction and breathing exercises that are critical in decreasing the severity and potential of heart failure. Systems of heart failure are propelled by stress and tension when the heart is overworked, and often when vital arteries are clogged. Regular engagement in cardiovascular exercise, healthy eating, breathing exercises and ultimately stress reduction can improve the heart’s ability to manage failure.

Heart palpitations are also a common symptom associated with heart failure, heart disease and heart problems. Yoga encourages breathing exercises that focus on taking deeper, longer breaths. This is helpful for improving the heart and is also helpful for those who may experience palpitations. Mastering mind/body awareness, exercising the heart and blood vessels and reducing stress are all helpful for improving heart health and reducing symptoms associated with heart disease. Yoga has many exercises and asanas that focus on those key benefits of heart health. While yoga alone may not have a significant effect on preventing heart disease, if accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise plan yoga plays a pivotal role.


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