Does Yoga Reduce Anxiety Levels?

Does Yoga Reduce Anxiety Levels?
Yoga is a meditative exercise that incorporates peaceful breathing exercises and positive thought process. Yoga is widely acknowledge as an exercise that improves self esteem and promotes positive self body-image, but can yoga reduce anxiety as well?

Those that suffer from anxiety might find the meditation in yoga calming and helpful. Meditation in yoga can temporarily relieve anxiety and aid in the reduction of anxiety in general. Anxiety is often associated with fear and stress. Anxiety can lead to panic disorders and panic attacks where breathing is restricted and psychological distress is overwhelming. Yoga is a peaceful approach to exercise that engages stress energy into meditation exercises and productive breathing. Remembering the breathing sequences from yoga during panic attacks can improve breathing and lessen their duration.

Many people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder feel anxiety in social situations. Taking yoga classes can be helpful for these people as yoga is a social situation that is peaceful and incorporates low stimulus for those with anxiety. Often times in the beginning of a yoga session, introspection is encouraged and students are asked to close their eyes. This can be relaxing and reduce stress for people. Further, the yoga exercise itself is helpful for relieving stress by engaging stress into an activity. Many people do not work out on a regular basis, often times because of stress associated with fitness. Fitness is crucial to many aspects of health, and finding activities that are calming while incorporating fitness is crucial for anxious people. Yoga is a healthy activity that promotes fitness and maintains low stress levels.


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