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  • Can I Do Yoga When Pregnant?

    By on February 18, 2018

    The short answer: yes. Yoga can be really helpful in maintaining and promoting physical health from pregnancy and labor. Yoga can even ease the difficulty and assist in the contractual process of labor. However, it is important to be safe and gentle in the practice of yoga during pregnancy and is recommended to practice pregnancy specific yoga, called prenatal yoga, which is meant to relax and encourage gentle breathing and stretching. Some yoga poses are not safe for pregnant woman. It is discouraged for pregnant women to do any of the poses that put pressure on the back and…

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Yoga is an incredibly powerful creative expression, so it only seemed fitting to unite it with another creative expression, art. We hope that you find our collection of beautifully hand-drawn yoga poses inspiring and informative along your journey.

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We love seeing how you express yourself. Submit your favorite photos to share with the community and inspire others. Look through, share and vote on your favorite user images.

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Yoga is much more than an exercise routine; yoga is a traditional practice that has existed for over 5000 years with deep spiritual roots. We love learning about the history of this ancient art and are eager to share it with you. Find some tidbits below and much more around the site.




trust, placing, planting; a ritual in Hinduism, the practice of touching various body parts or thinking of specific body parts as you recite specific sections of a mantra. These parts are infused with life force by invoking the presence of the deity specific to the mantra within the body. Each mantra is associate with a specific nyasa.

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Located the throat area, Visuddha, the Throat Chakra, represents improved speech and communication, creativity and self expression.

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There are five main tenets to Sivananda yoga: Asanas (proper exercise), Pranayama (proper breathing), Savasana (proper relaxation), proper diet (vegetarian), and Vedanta (positive thinking) and Dhyana (meditation). Sivananda classes take their time and tend to start with sun salutations before they move on to twelve basic poses: headstand, shoulder stand, plow, fish, seated forward bend, cobra, locust, bow, seated spinal twist, crow, standing forward bend, and triangle.

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About Forte Yoga

At the core, the word forte means “one’s strong point.” We believe yoga is everyone’s “strong point” — in many cases, simply locked away deep inside, until someone or something is inspirational enough to uncover it. Our saying is For The Expressions; not only is yoga expressive in terms of exercise, but it’s also an artistic expression for many.


Yoga is all about passion. For many, it is a gateway drug into the many other life-improving practices such as meditation and healthy eating. Forte Yoga loves this drug and wants to share it with you.


With all of its deep history and recent adaptations, it is incredibly hard to find comprehensive information about everything yoga. Forte’s goal is to compile, enhance and present all of the yoga information out there in an accessible, honest and current way.


Our saying at Forte Yoga is For The Expressions. Not only is yoga expressive in terms of exercise, but it’s also an artistic expression for many. It is calming, focusing, challenging and fun, all at once.