Yoga Teacher & Therapist

More than 10 years ago I attempted my first yoga pose, collapsed flat on my face, and promptly fell in love with yoga. I went on to study and practice a variety of yoga styles, and because I just couldn’t shut up about how awesome yoga is, in 2009 I decided to train as a yoga teacher. In 2012, I took my teaching to the next level and completed a level 2 teaching certification with a focus on the therapeutic applications of yoga, and I am currently working towards a graduate certificate in Yoga Therapy. I now have more than 700 hours of formal training and over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. Sometimes I still fall flat on my face. I love sunshine, the ocean, mountains, long walks in nature and huge breakfasts.
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How does doing yoga make you feel?

Doing yoga always makes me feel great, even if I only spend 10 minutes on the mat. It clears my head and helps keep my body free of aches and pains. I find yoga is really balancing: if I feel stressed it calms me, if I feel down it brings me up, if I have a million things to do it helps me focus and feel productive. I always notice that after I do yoga, I feel like I have more energy and a positive outlook, and I’m a nicer person to be around!

How long have you been doing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years now, and teaching since 2009.

Why did you start doing yoga?
What originally attracted me to yoga as a physical practice was the idea that I could do it anytime, anywhere. I travel a lot so it’s wonderful to have a physical practice that doesn’t need any equipment or outdoor space.
I also immediately fell in love with yoga philosophy, in particular and the principles of living an aware and engaged life. I like that yoga helps us find a balance between the pursuit of personal happiness and the practice of doing good in the world.
What is your favorite type of Yoga? Which type are you best at?

I practice yoga in the Krishnamacharya lineage, so anything within this category is my favourite I guess. At the moment I’m particularly enjoying Viniyoga, but I’ve also practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa, too. I believe that yoga is really individual, and that what works for you as a person is always changing, because we are always growing and changing.

What don’t you like about yoga (if anything)?

Ummmm… it’s hard? It takes time? That rubbery yoga mat smell that stays on your hands? The fact that it doesn’t yield instant results? But then again, those are also things I love about yoga. Go figure.

What do you love about yoga?

Yoga is like the metaphorical onion – you can just keep peeling back the layers. Every time I dig a little deeper I learn something new about myself, about life, about my body, or about the universe: that’s what I love about yoga.

How often do you do yoga?

I practice asana (yoga postures) and meditation between 3-5 days a week on average, but it varies depending on what else is going on in my life.

Do you eat before or after yoga? What do you usually eat?

I practice yoga in the mornings, so what I eat depends on how I feel when I wake up. If I feel full of beans, I might do my practice on an empty stomach. If I feel hungry or have low blood sugar, I might have a coffee and some fruit about 30 minutes before starting my practice. After yoga, I usually have a big, hearty breakfast.