Ashley Josephine Herzberger

Ashley Josephine Herzberger

Wellness Expert & Yogi

Ashley Josephine Herzberger helps busy professional women relax. She integrates yoga, meditation, energy practices and self-care exercises to empower women to redefine and rediscover balance in their work and lives. She currently teaches workshops around the country and is building her own online wellness community. Ashley is eternally interested in the art of balance, teaching a blend of power yoga and yoga nidra blended with influences from Ayurveda. She has taught in Cleveland, OH, Boulder, CO, Wichita Falls, TX and Tucson, AZ.
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How does doing yoga make you feel?

Free, Strong, Grounded

How long have you been doing yoga?

7 years

Why did you start doing yoga?

To relieve stress and to decrease the physical pain I had manifested in my body from existing in a near-constant high stress state. And to maintain fitness.

What is your favorite type of Yoga? Which type are you best at?

My favorite type of yoga is power vinyasa. I don’t think anyone is “best” at anything, especially in yoga. There are types of yoga that I prefer over others, and I struggle mightily with grounding practices such as yin or long meditations, but I also look at those practices as growth opportunities.

What don’t you like about yoga (if anything)?

I don’t like how inaccessible it seems to many people. I don’t like that people think it’s a religion. I don’t like when people say yoga HAS to be done in a certain way.

What do you love about yoga?

I love most that the lessons you learn on the mat are such relevant lessons for your real life. Living a yogic life is about finding a life that works for you. Amazingly, getting on a rectangular piece of rubber, stretching your body, breathing and coming together with others for a common purpose can help you find that life.

How often do you do yoga?

I live yoga, so I’m practicing, whether I know it or not every second of every day. How often do I go to a studio? Depends on the week and my schedule but at least 3 times a week if not every day.

Do you eat before or after yoga? What do you usually eat?

Depending on the type of practice, I’ll eat no later than 1 hour before practice and then I’ll typically eat 30 minutes to an hour after practice.