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Bharadvaja’s Twist Yoga Pose 

Bharadvajasana I

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Style: Vinyasa

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Difficulty: Beginner

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Type of Pose: Seated Twist

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Target Muscles: Hips, Shoulders

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  1. Begin in the kneeling position, buttocks sitting on your heels. Sit tall, extending your spine upward.

  2. Shift your weight to your right buttock and slide your legs to the left so both feet rest next to the left hip. The left ankle should be resting on top of the arch of the right foot.

  3. Inhale and make sure you are sitting up in a way that lengthens the spine and torso. Exhale and slowly twist your torso to the right (make sure the left buttocks is still on or near the floor).

  4. Brace your right hand behind your back. Rest the left hand on or tucked under the left knee. Continue to twist slowly.

  5. Stay in position for 30 seconds to a minute. To come out, release the twist on an exhale and come back to the kneeling position. Repeat on the other side.

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  • Breathe deeply through each step.
  • As with any twist, practitioners with spine and/or hip injuries should proceed with caution and have an expert on hand to guide them through the process.
  • Not recommended for those who suffer from low blood pressure, insomnia, and/or diarrhea.

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  • Sit on a small pillow or folded towel/blanket. This is not only more comfortable, but also encourages better posture.

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  • All Muscles: Hips, shoulders, spine

  • Target Muscles: Hips, shoulders

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  • Recommended for pregnant yoginis as it does not put any pressure on the belly and it strengthens the lower back — which has a lot of pressure on it the second and third trimesters
  • Recommended for sciatica and lower back and neck aches
  • Good for nervous system and digestion
  • Massages inner organs

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  • Name and Pronunciation
    • Bharadvajasana (bah-ROD-va-JAHS-anna)
  • Meaning
    • Bharadvaja: a legendary seer to whom this pose is dedicated; skylark, planet Mars, bearing speed and strength
    • asana: posture

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Bharadvāja Bārhaspatya was the forefather of a family of composers that are credited with writing the Sixth Mandala of the Rigveda. The Rigveda is a sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns, and is considered one of the four Vedas (sacred Hindu texts). There are 79 hymns in the Sixth Mandala and Bharadvāja Bārhaspatya reportedly composed 59 of them. The Bharadvaja family was extremely influential in their day. Kings would often consult them before going to war with neighboring tribes.




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