Lauren Leduc

Lauren Leduc
Lauren Leduc

Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Chef & Entrepreneur

Through her background in dance, Lauren was introduced to the gift of yoga in 2001 and has since been blown away by the positive effects it has brought to her life. Yoga has taught her to nourish her body, mind, and spirit, both on and off the mat.

She studied with Jennifer Yarro, through Frog Lotus Yoga in Costa Rica in 2013 and is excited and honored to share her knowledge, wisdom, and enthusiasm with others. She is passionate about providing a creative, challenging, and fun practice that focuses on longevity, stamina, safety, intelligent sequencing, balance, strength, and flexibility, while calming the mind, and awakening the spirit. Lauren believes yoga is for everyone and is honored to share the love with students from all backgrounds. Lauren is available to provide class, group, private, and corporate instruction in vinyasa, hatha, and yin yoga. She is also available for private reiki sessions.

When Lauren is not practicing or teaching yoga, she is busy with her online shop,, which sells apparel and accessories for vegan, yogis, and unicorns everywhere! She also enjoys writing for her blogs, experimenting in the kitchen with healthy vegan food, and spending time with her husband, Arthur.

You can also find out more about Lauren on her site at .

How does doing yoga make you feel?

Studying the 8 limbs of yoga makes me feel at peace with myself and my place in this universe. Asana practice makes me feel grounded and strong, but also light, flexible, joyous, and free. Pranayama brings energy into my body while relaxing my mind and strengthening my focus. Meditation stills my mind, revealing my true, unchanging self. Yoga also helps me see the world with the absence of preconceptions. The more time I spend on the mat, the more I see its benefits off of it.

How long have you been doing yoga?

I was first introduced to yoga about 12 years ago, but I’ve only had a regular practice for three years. I was certified to teach last year and now I really can’t imagine my life without it!

Why did you start doing yoga?

In 2001, as a senior in high school, I spent time as an inpatient in the hospital recovering from anorexia and bulimia. As part of my therapy, I was able to take part in gentle yoga taught by one of the nurses. I can truly say that yoga saved my life! You can read more about this experience in detail here:

What is your favorite type of Yoga? Which type are you best at?

My passion was dance growing up, so Vinyasa Flow has naturally become my favorite style to practice and is where my strength lies. I love moving and feeling so free! I also greatly enjoy teaching Vinyasa Flow, as it allows me to express creativity in sequencing. However, I also love teaching Hatha, as it allows more time to set up proper alignment and safety. I’ve also been teaching a Yin class lately, which has been a great experience. Getting into the deeper tissues and spending quality time on breath and meditation has been very rewarding. Students, you radiate beauty when you’re relaxed!

What don’t you like about yoga (if anything)?

This is a tough one… I dislike the competitive and/or snobby atmospheres at some studios. So un-yogic! I believe yoga should be fun, inclusive, welcoming, and accessible to everybody.

What do you love about yoga?

I love that no matter how long you’ve been practicing and studying, you can always go deeper. I love that yoga promotes peace through self-discovery. I love that yoga is egalitarian, accessible to all. I love the beautiful souls in my yoga community. Most of all, I love how yoga unveils the eternal well of joy inside ourselves. It inspires my whole life.

How often do you do yoga?

As a teacher, it’s important to maintain a regular yoga practice, so I practice yoga, meditation, and study mindfulness/philosophy everyday. However, I believe in all things in moderation so I honor my body by taking a day off whenever it’s needed.

Do you eat before or after yoga? What do you usually eat?

I ate a ginormous tofu burrito before Vinyasa class the other night… huge mistake! Usually I eat lightly before class and drink plenty of water. I don’t follow any strict meal regimen. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. As an ED Survivor, it’s important for me to not count calories nor restrict my food intake, but I am a strict ethical vegan, so my diet generally consists of veggies, fruit, beans, nuts, and grains… But if I want chocolate, potato chips, or a pint of craft beer, I have it! I love cooking and sharing my creations. Follow me on instagram @veganyogiunicorn for plenty of vegan noms.