Welcome to Forte Yoga

A modern and artistic twist on an ancient practice, Forte Yoga is an independently researched and curated yoga resource.

Who are we?

Well, we can very confidently say that we are not extremists! We are just a small, passionate group that believes the world could always use a little more of that something special. We believe yoga is one of those ‘something specials.’ Yoga is also a gateway drug into the many other life-improving practices such as meditation and healthy eating. So whatever it is, another dose of yoga will help.
Our growing group is mixed with yoga students, teachers, researchers and, most importantly, yoga lovers!

The Inspiration

The inspiration for Forte Yoga came through our sister company, Sprout Living. As a health and wellness company, we began a project showcasing yoga poses, along with their benefits, step-by-step directions and other interesting facts. We learned so much from our research, but the most important takeaway for us was the realization that there is just too much scattered information. To find everything we were looking for, we had to use multiple sources, which quickly became a relatively unacceptable and cumbersome practice. We continued our Sprout Living Love’s Yoga project for a couple months and during that time our own very thorough and accurate notes began to pile up.

During this time we accumulated hundreds of pages of content and our passion for yoga grew to a whole new level.  At that moment, we knew we needed and wanted to create a standalone, community-focused website. After our experience, we knew it had to be user-friendly, artistic and extremely informational – we hope you feel that we’ve accomplished that.

Why Forte?

At the core, this word means “one’s strong point.” We believe yoga is everyone’s “strong point” — in many cases, simply locked away deep inside, until someone or something is inspirational enough to uncover it.

Our saying at Forte Yoga is For The Expressions. Yoga is truly unique because it’s an artistic, physical and spiritual form of expression.

Our Mission

To encourage people to take the yoga journey by organizing and enhancing vast amounts of information through an artistic and modern approach.

Share With Us

Whether it’s a recipe, a picture or even a simple comment, we are always eager to see what you’re up to, and we’d love to share your offerings with everyone in our community to enjoy.


Join The Team

We are always looking for talented writers to help add to the collective knowledge here at Forte. If you are as passionate about yoga as we are, please drop us a line and tell us about yourself.


Extend Your Network

Yoga teachers, studio and website owners, please contact us so that we can share your information with our community. Help Forte expand its network to reach and improve more people.