Lisa Andersson Rhodiner

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner
Lisa Rhodiner

Yoga Teacher & Raw Food Enthusiast

Lisa is a 300 hr Certified Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher. She was born and brought up in southern Sweden, and for the last decade has travelled together with her boyfriend Nazareno, with whom she shares the love for yoga. Since living in the “mecca of yoga” she’s had the possibility to study with many great teachers, amongst them Alanna Kaivalya, Edward Clark, Tiffany Cruishank Chris Kummer, Emily Kuser, Les Leventhal, Simon Borg-Olivier, Govinda Kai and Kino McGregor.

In Lisas classes you’ll be lead through playful and creative sequences, get challenged and get sweet intentional hands-on adjustments. Her classes are a blend of jivamukti, vinyasa flow, ashtanga often ending with restorative or yin yoga poses.

Another great passion is Raw Foods, which after an in inspirations workshop 3 years ago, has become a great part of her life. Lisa finds that combining raw foods and yoga is the richest, most healthy way of living – making you feel high on life, inspired by and in touch with nature and your body.

When back in Sweden she teaches regular classes and workshops at various studios, to find out when and where visit

How does doing yoga make you feel?

Yoga makes me feel light. It makes me feel like i come back to myself. Moving the body in so many directions, it feels like the body gets rinsed out and detoxified. After a yoga class/practice I feel as, what I guess a piece of clothing must feel when it’s been through the washing machine – fresh and clean:) I usually get a strong feeling of motivation, inspiration and a true love for life itself after practicing.

How long have you been doing yoga?

On and off for ten years. More intensively the last 4 years.

Why did you start doing yoga?

I actually had no idea what yoga was about when a friend of a friend of mine told me she taught classes at a space she rented. I tried it out and remember feeling really inflexible and was just looking at the other students and was really jealous of their practice. But as time went by I started to look less and less at what other people were ding around me and got better at listening inside me. And over time the flexibility has come in a way that i still can’t believe has been possible. So yoga definitely has magic to it!

What is your favorite type of Yoga? Which type are you best at?

I’m a big fan of vinyasa flow and thats, if i have to say one style that “i’m best at”. I love creating new sequences, being able to incorporate any other style into it, flowing with the breath and it becomes almost like a dance. Sometimes I like to practice with music and sometimes I don’t. I really love Anusara and it’s something I’d love to dive deeper into. I think it has to do so much about the teacher that you have rather than the style though. You can have one teacher teaching you a style and you love it, then you go to another place and take the same style but might not resonate with the teacher. I think the best thing is to try out as many teachers and styles as possible until you find “the one”.

What don’t you like about yoga (if anything)?

Oh, I don’t think I have an answer to that:)

What do you love about yoga?

The way it connects people, not only to themselves but also to other people. It makes people feel good about themselves and their bodies. It improves peoples lives in so many ways, both physically and mentally. It’s a “feel good” thing to practice. Ok there are definitely challenges, fears, tough times on your yoga mat – but in the end it makes you feel really awesome!

How often do you do yoga?

I practice as often as I can, prob. 5-6 times a week. Sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon.

Do you eat before or after yoga? What do you usually eat?

Do you eat before or after yoga? What? I don’t like to eat just before yoga, but if I do eat something it’s a piece of fruit.