Extended Triangle Yoga Pose

Extended Triangle Yoga Pose is a standing pose that targets the hamstrings and is ideal for yogis and yoginis at all levels.

svadisthana – the sacral chakra
muladhara – the root chakra
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How To Do Extended Triangle Yoga Pose Yoga Pose
  1. Begin by entering the Mountain Pose (Tadasana), standing up straight with your feet together and arms loose at your sides.
  2. Exhale and step your feet apart so that they are about 3 to 4 feet apart. Both toes should be pointing forward, soles of the feet pressed against the floor. Distribute your weight evenly on each side, keeping your torso long and straight as you breathe.
  3. Inhale, lifting up both of your arms simultaneously until they are parallel with the floor, palms facing the floor and fingers outstretched.
  4. Turn your right foot inward just slightly. Turn your left foot out about 90 degrees. Adjust your ankles so that your heels are aligned. Contract your thighs and rotate your left thigh outward so that the center of your kneecap lines up with the center of your ankle. Roll your right hip a little inwards while twisting your torso to the right. Anchor your right heel to the ground.
  5. Exhale and start to bend from your hip joint to the left over your left leg. Make sure your right heel is pressed firmly into the floor. As you bend, shift your torso to the right so that it stays facing forward.
    Place your left hand on the ground of your left ankle or shin — whatever is comfortable and keeps your body in the correct pose. Lift up your right arm and reach towards the sky. You can keep your head facing forward or look up at your extended arm.
  6. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Switch sides and repeat.
  • Breathe deeply through each step.
  • If you have a history of neck problems, do not turn your head to look up at your arm. Keep your neck long and stare straight ahead.
  • If you are prone to high blood pressure, turn your head to look down instead of forward or up.
  • If you have a heart condition, consult a doctor or your instructor before attempting this pose.
  • In rare cases this pose can cause diarrhea, headaches, or low blood pressure. If you are prone to any of these conditions or symptoms, consult a doctor or your instructor before attempting this pose.

If you’re having trouble balancing, perform this pose near a wall and brace your back heel or your back against the wall. Sometimes doctors will recommend doing this if you have a heart condition.

Stretches & Strengthens

All Muscles: Spine, hamstrings, calves, ankles, knees, shoulders

Target Muscles: Spine, hamstrings, calves

Health Benefits of Extended Triangle Yoga Pose
  • Stimulates the internal organs.
  • May relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Therapeutic for neck pain as well as pregnancy-induced backaches.
  • Relieves symptoms of sciatica and osteoporosis.

Sanskrit Name & Meaning

Sanskrit Name & Meaning

Utthita Trikonasana

(oo-TEE-tah trik-cone-AHS-anna)

utthita: extended, risen, elevated
trikona: triangle, triangular
asana: posture

History & Mythology

History & Mythology

There’s gotta be some history or mythology on this pose! We’ve looked high and low and have only come up with this message. Perhaps you have some information or resource for us to explore?