Disconnect and Wind Down

Disconnect and Wind Down
How often do you wind down? FOR REAL. Not watching television, no instagramming, no chatting…and just go into a quiet space without distractions?

Probably not so often.

Restorative yoga is a way for the body to get back to balance, rejuvenate and literally restore. Through different postures you move the body in different directions, stretching, softening, rinsing and folding. It’s a calm practice, no effort needed – letting the body slow down.Here’s a great restorative posture to open up your chest (which for many of us is compressed by a lot of sitting and bad posture habits). It will create more space for your lungs and give you the possibility to breathe with more ease. It will help the shoulders to soften and if practice regularly give you better posture. 


  1. Lie on a yoga mat or maybe a blanket on the floor. Roll up blanket around your knees, to support them and your lower back.
  2. Put a bolster or a rolled up blanket (or put a block between your shoulders) underneath your shoulder blades.
  3. Make sure your shoulders touch the ground completely and then raise the arms over your head.
  4. If you start to feel some tingling in your arms and fingers just take the arms down. The higher your bolster/blanket is the more you will feel.
  5. Start off small and see how it feels.
Disconnect Wind Down Posture 2
Disconnect Wind Down Posture 1
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Lisa was born and raised in southern Sweden, but considers herself a citizen of the world. Ten years ago, while living and studying Spanish in Barcelona, she met her partner, and yoga teacher Nazareno. Since then they’ve travelled and worked around the world, from Uruguay to New Zealand and from Denmark to India. Together with Nazareno, Inspiro Yoga – offering workshops and retreats around the world. She’s also the co founder of Art of Life Retreats - hosting life transforming yoga and raw food retreats in Bali.