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  • July 23, 2014 at 12:47 am #4898

    Eric Mark Levine: The Face Of Fitness

    Eric Mark Levine is known for many things, one of which is being the creator of California Wow. His ideas revolutionized the way we look at fitness and yoga. Through his ability to make yoga energetic, he became the new and modern face of fitness. He has been into fitness since he was a young boy, and when he decided to make his passion his living, he succeeded 100%. His face and name is everywhere in the world as he opens clubs left and right for eager members to enjoy. Now that you know a little about who he is, you might wonder why he is the new face of fitness.

    With millions flowing in every year from his club members, Levine is one of the richest fitness club owners in the world. After living a few years in the Asia, he came up with a brilliant idea to revolutionize yoga. As a yoga fanatic, he wanted to put more of his energy and sweat into the meditation. He was interested in making the idea of yoga fun and not sleepy. The belief that yoga is for older women was something that Levine changed; now everyone from the young teenager to her uncle Joe are members to Levine’s club. Why? Because he pumps music and makes it fun to attend. Before Levine’s revolutionary yoga experience, people would have to be in a quiet and very dark room and make effort to actually stay awake in class while everyone was “oming” their way to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, yoga is a very relaxing sport and it builds muscles slowly and in a safe way, but it just doesn’t appeal to everybody. Although there are a lot of amazing benefits from being a yoga fanatic, not everybody wants to undertake the sport. It’s very understandable though because it’s not as active as some would like. For example, we all know that some very important benefits of yoga is posture and muscle toning. It helps the body use all the necessary muscles in the body, that are usually underused, and make them strong. By using these “hidden” muscles, we get a stronger body, faster metabolism, and straighter posture which in turn works the abdominals. These benefits are crucial to anybody’s well-being. Not only does it work the muscles though, but it also helps to centre yourself and find your true meaning of life. You don’t find your true meaning of life in the first week of yoga, but you do start to feel more relaxed which in turn helps you focus more on your goals. When you leave the normal yoga class, you feel your head light but your body so heavy; it’s because your brain is starting to release all the tension slowly and carefully. After half an hour of leaving the class, you start to feel refreshed and sleepy – that’s when it’s time to go to sleep or actually take a cold shower and wake up. You feel better for the rest of the day though, but it’s still a rough wake up.

    That was until Levine decided to make it exciting. I feel like I am repeating myself, but I just have to mention it. Levine was able to take all the benefits from yoga and put it into a fun and energizing practice. He wants people to sweat, laugh, scream, and cry (so to speak) when they attend his classes. He doesn’t want yoga to be in a dark room, as he knows that it can make a person very sleepy, he wants it to be in a sunny room full of energy. Which is why you will see him on a stage screaming and dancing in front of the audience and blasting the music to make sure that everyone is awake for the whole hour. He will scream into the microphone and look straight at you if he sees you yawn, or at least that’s what we heard! Don’t get me wrong though, you still feel very relaxed when you leave the session, but it’s an energized relaxed instead of a sleepy relaxed. You actually feel like you could take on the world, which is how you should feel after Yoga. Even though Levine’s way is more energized than the usual yoga, you still work your muscles, posture, and mental strength through various positions that he puts you in during the sessions. You can start with the downward dog, but instead of going very slowly you go a little faster. This also enables the metabolism to work faster and boosts your heart rate up right away. It’s an amazing way really to do cardio at the same time as strengthening. Before, yoga was mostly just strengthening the muscles as you didn’t really sweat as much as you’d like; with Levine’s revolutionized way you get to sweat and work your muscles. There’s truly everything in Levine’s way so it’s no wonder that he is now the new face of fitness… he deserves it!

    With all his new ideas and amazing revolutionary ways, Levine is taking on the fitness world in a whole different light of day! He is able to make someone sweat and scream at the same as they are relaxing and meditating. It’s not an easy thing to do, but Levine has mastered it and has members coming back for more everyday! His multi-million dollar business is growing by the minute as members are coming in to meditate the California Wow way; they are all looking for that thrill of energy that they can only get with Levine, but that also relaxes them and strengthens their muscles. If it wasn’t for Levine, people would still be doing the normal yoga sport, but he revolutionized it and earned his new name as the face of the fitness world!

    July 26, 2016 at 5:59 am #5041

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